Monday, October 18, 2010


Just kidding. It looks like he did a nice job answering your questions, thanks for keeping him so busy. I’m always worried that if he isn’t kept busy he’ll start doing bizarre Rentaro things, and I seriously didn’t want that to happen while he was staying in my apartment. I was worried I’d get back and something like this would happen.
Me: How’d it go?
Rentaro: I fixed all of the problems with the electricity, and I also fixed that problem you’ve been having with your toaster.
Me: What problem with my toaster?
Rentaro: Oh yeah, right. That wasn’t a problem. I just thought it would be funny if it did a little dance while making toast.
Me: Is that what it does now?
Rentaro: Yeah! It’s pretty funny to watch. It, um, doesn’t make toast so much anymore, but I’ll get to that. Also, try not to touch it. Also, I fixed that problem with your computer.
Me: What problem with my computer?
Rentaro: And, on that note I should be leaving, also try not to touch it if you don’t want to get shocked.

But, apparently you kept him busy enough that he only had enough time to solve problems as opposed to causing them. Right now I’m pretty happy about apartment things! The lights and the heat are back to being normal – it’s the Best Apartment Ever again. Good job, apartment!
Today I’ve been thinking about difficult decisions. Aren’t they the worst? Sometimes you really don’t want to do something, but it turns out that it will be for the best. The problem with decisions is that you don’t get to see into the future to see what will happen. Right now, I’ve got to make some big decisions about my life and my business.
The good news is that my business is starting to get super super busy ^_^
The bad news is that I can’t be there as much as I need to.
I can’t decide if I should hire another person to help me run the stand, or if I should cut back on the hours that I’m working.
Sigh. Tough one.
Anyone want a job at a bento shop? At this point it doesn’t exist and pays zero dollars, but maybe soon?


  1. OOH!!!! ME ME ME!!! Pick me, Yumi!!! I'll work at your bento stand!!!

    Sigh. I wish. Alas, I don't live in Japan. Otherwise, the job sounds perfect! I really really really want to be a chef, and making bento would be sooooo much fun AND good experience! Besides, I think you would make an awesome boss. ^_^

  2. What exactly are "Bizarre Rentaro things?"

  3. How do you make bento boxes?

  4. I would make an awesome boss! I'd make my own training videos and then make everybody watch them. They'd have dramatic reenactments of bento being made incorrectly.

  5. Oh goodness, what kind of dramactic reenactments, Yumi? I double-dare you to post a example of one. ;)

    -Glory On High

    PS: Tell Rentaro I quite enjoyed his blog post! :D

  6. Sounds like it would be fun, too bad I don't live anywhere near Kyoto :/ Best of luck finding a bento sidekick though! And I loved Rentaro's guest post, you should have him on more often ^^

  7. Oh, I've seen a dramatic training video before! One time in cooking class we saw a video on cooking...and the woman in the video put an entire vase filled with flowers in stead of a bag of flour for her cake. It was pretty weird. O.o

    I would love a job at your Bento stand! I would just have to....move to Japan. YES! I've always wanted to do that. ;]

  8. making bento sounds pretty artistic, why don't you try painting or drawing pictures?

  9. LOL, I can imagine those dramatic reenactments :-)
    I agree ! Rentaro is a good blog poster !
    How do you pronounce his name ? I've heard it'S Len-taro or something like that.

  10. I would miss this blog... But, can you answer this question? Does anyone else you know have a blog? Rentaro is FUNNY!!! :) You are too! Actually, I have been to your bento stand and we're friends! ;)

    - Jasmine

  11. I love your Bento shop Yumi! It's so colorful! Can't wait to see you soon in Matsue!

  12. Hey everyone, guess what?!?!? The staff at Her Interative run this blog! I love their Nancy Drew games (and I seriously want Shadow At Water's Edge cuz this blog is based on the game!)