Tuesday, October 5, 2010


What is up with those weirdos? I mean really? This is not one of those questions that I don’t really expect anyone to answer! If you know, let me know! I’ll even accept guesses!

A little while back, some big deal guy in the ghost hunting world mentioned the ryokan as a “Haunted Hotspot.” on his website. That was mega weird, I mean think about someone saying that about where you grew up, but that was just the start of this ghost hunting business. Apparently this guy is the king of the ghost nerds or something – because the second he mentioned the ryokan, all of these bizarre people started showing up with their…stuff.

I’m not saying that all ghost hunters are terrible, but most of them are. Think about it – they show up where something tragic has happened, cause this big silly scene, totally disrespect everything and everyone there, and act all self important about everything. If you ask them to stop what they’re doing they’ll act as if you’re interrupting some sort of great scientific research. It makes me crazy! It’s like, excuse me people working to solve world hunger, and you too people working on new vaccines, also you too technology people – all of you stop for a second: A bald guy who somehow also has a ponytail (Which science refers to as a hair-paradox, or hairadox.) thinks he’s recorded a ghost talking.

Also, for some reason these people have decided that ghosts are made out of electricity. They have these little machines that show electromagnetic fields or something, and they walk around, and when the machines start to light up – they super freak out. Never mind that these little machines always pick up ghost activity near THINGS THAT RUN ON ELECTRICITY. “Guys! Come here! I think the television is a ghost! So is the computer! And the toaster! Oh no! Please tell me no one had toast this morning!”

I think what bugs me most is how rude they are. Everything is just a game to them. They’re also so sure that they understand what’s going on. They don’t. It’s like they’ve put one foot into a tide pool and declared that they’ve discovered all the secrets of the ocean.

I’m not saying that I believe in ghosts, but – even I’ve seen some strange things. I’ve had that something-is-really-really-really wrong feeling in the middle of the night. I’ve been to some places that definitely had a spooky feeling. There are a lot of things that we’ll never get to know for sure. I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to say if there are ghosts or not. But I am pretty sure thousands of years of mystery is not going to be cracked by some hobbyist with a bunch of junk he bought from the catalog you find in the little seat pocket in an airplane.

Sorry – just had to deal with a lot of those people these last few days. What do you guys think of this whole thing? Any ghost hunters out there? Any people who don’t like ghost hunters out there?


  1. where did you see them did they come to your house?

  2. A bunch of them came to the ryokan, I had to go help out my sister. They were so rude!

  3. what do you mean by thousands of years of mystery?
    love your blogs!

  4. not all ghost hunters are rude.

  5. I don't think they should be rude! After all, it is your house and your heritage.

    What have you seen that's strange in the ryokan? Other than people lol what events or strange happenings have you seen?

  6. Whoa. Talk about obnoxious. I'm not a fan of ghost hunters. They think if they see a little glare from the light in a picture taken by a camera, that a house is haunted.
    Then they alert the media and cause a big thing. Those people seriously know how to over-react!
    ...Especially that John Gray guy. I mean, haunted ghost trains? Really?

  7. Anonymous said...

    "not all ghost hunters are rude."

    I know. Sorry to any ghost hunters out there who are respectful of people's homes, I'm not talking about you at all.

  8. "What have you seen that's strange in the ryokan? Other than people lol what events or strange happenings have you seen? "

    There have been some strange people for sure, but strange people are my favorite ^^ I don't really want to say anything that will give the ghosthunters more reason to come visit...but I don't know. Weird things happen everywhere, I guess.

  9. "A bald guy who somehow also has a ponytail"
    HA! Is that what John Grey looks like now? I would love to see that.

  10. Yeah, some ghost hunters can be really jumpy and easily suspect that there is a ghost, jusst by an orb (a circle of light) in a picture or by a noise.

    But there are some ghost hunters who actually go into a haunting to debunk (prove that a haunting isn't real) and not to just have another hot spot that's haunted.

    Hopefully you can find real ghost hunters to help you out, instead of parade around your house! :)

  11. "Hopefully you can find real ghost hunters to help you out, instead of parade around your house! :)" Interesting.

  12. How to scare a ghost hunter away? You ask simple dress as a ghost and go running around the house screaming like a banshee. He'll leave soon enough. That or start playing the piano in front of his equipment.

    That's what I would do, or get that famous girl detective Nancy Drew to come and prove that there was no Ghost, that it was just that klutzy handyman who did it.

  13. LOL! I should dress up as a ghost and go talk directly into their recorders like it was an interview show.

    "I've been a ghost for a while now. Oh let's see, some of my favorite ghost things...good question. I like ghost jogging, drinking ghost orange juice, shopping at ghost-only stores."

    Sigh - that would be fun, but mainly I just wish that they'd listen when we ask them to leave. One group even came to my stand. It's not fair that they expect me to talk to them about a lot of personal and private things in my life, and get all upset when I don't want to. Some people say that I can be rude sometimes, but I wouldn't do that to anyone. Ever.

  14. Next time they come, tell them to buy stuff from your stand or you won't answer any of there questions.

  15. Maybe I'll just give them some bubuzuke ^^

  16. You can always call the police to have them nicely escorted off the property. I mean it's your house or property and if you ask them to leave and they don't it would almost be like kidnapping because they are holding you against your will...

  17. ""Andrew said...
    "A bald guy who somehow also has a ponytail"
    HA! Is that what John Grey looks like now? I would love to see that. ""

    Me too. XD

  18. I like what anonymous said. Break out a piano and play it in front of their ghost-hunting technology stuff. It'll make their super-sensitive ghost noise hunting gear go wild.

    ..Or, you could always call Nancy Drew from River Heights. She can do better then any John Gray, or bald ponytail dude.

  19. If someone comes along claiming to be Nancy Drew... invite them to stay!