Thursday, October 14, 2010

(_ _)

That’s how tired I am. Another long, weird night in my apartment. Did not get much sleep.

Not even you can cheer me up today, plant-cat. Not even when you say adorable things like “I can haz photosynthesis” or “I’m in yr vase, crushing yr plant dudes.” or  “I don’t feelz like a flower!”
It’s time to take action. I’m going to spend the night at a friend’s house to catch up on some sleep. Rentaro agreed to brave a night alone at my apartment, hopefully while he’s there he’ll be able to figure out what’s going on. I hope he does. I super love my apartment but I’m done with it until it starts behaving.
But that means that I won’t be able to update my blog until probably Monday. But I made Rentaro promise to run the blog tomorrow. He doesn’t have much blogging experience, so maybe you guys could give him some prompts. I think he’ll be able to handle answering your questions about…whatever weird thing that he’s into these days.
Possible questions to ask him include.
1: So you’re running Yumi’s blog – is the pressure getting to you you?
2: What’s your deal, anyway?
3: Isn’t Yumi, wonderful?
4: Are you done fixing Yumi’s apartment, because she’d really like to move back in.
You can leave questions for Rentaro here today and tomorrow, he’ll be in all day Friday.
Thanks for understanding, I’ll be back ASAP with all the best in Bento, Fashion, and Yumility.


  1. Dear Rentaro;

    What do you think of the Yumi's apartment? is it too pink for you, or do you like it ;D

    Are you excited to get out into the city, or would you rather stay back with Miwako at the old, creepy place?

    Does you do the sciencez?

    Can you do my homework 9(or at least write some prrofs for me)?

    Will you go out with me ;D

  2. Do you like Yumi's bento? (the only answer for this is "YES! It is super spectacular and soooooo adorable! How could anyone not love it?!" any answer other then that is strictly against the rules.) Hope you get a good nights sleep at your friends Yumi!

  3. Hey Rentaro!

    What are your favorite movies?

    Is yumi's blog too girly for you? (if you want to keep your life, I'd try saying 'noooo, I love it!')

    How old are you?

    How old is Yumi? xD

    Are you as awesome as Yumi?

  4. Have you ever run a blog before? Do you have any idea what to write?

  5. Dear Rentaro,

    What are your thoughts on the sibling conflict between Miwako and Yumi?

  6. Okay! I understand yumi, Have a nice night at your friend's house.

  7. Dear Rentaro,
    What do you have against letters? Letters are awesome. I think that it's numbers that need to get with the game ;D

    How old are you?

    Can you help me ace my math test today? Solving proportions using algebra? ;]

    Are you getting scared at all with all the creepy stuff happening at the ryokan?

  8. Hey Rentaro!

    I went to the ryokan and left that night! Sheesh! You'd think they'd get some security around that place to stop those pranksters scaring families like me away! Your next job: Get some CCTV Cameras! ;)

  9. Rentaro - ever thought about contacts? ^^

  10. Yumility Yumi really