Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Expo – oh -no!

The first really big test of my bento stand is coming up! I don’t know if I should be worried or excited.
The Technology of Tomorrow expo (this super big deal convention with a bunch of inventors and scientists) starts soon right near my booth, and that means one thing: Train after train of tech savvy people, hungry for bento and technology are headed my way. So I’m about to be busy with a capital "B" and a lower case "usy".  I hope I can make enough bento to keep the crowds fed!
“We demand bento! And technology! And a bigger train!”
But it did make me think that maybe it’s time for a first ever installment of

Listen up scientists! I have some serious ideas about technology – so I will be offering the following coupons during the expo:
1: Do we still need doorbells? No. We need something more exciting. Present a more fun alternative for 10% off of a single bento!
2: If you invent anything that floats, present it at the booth for 50% off of any non-sale item!
3: If you have a cute robot, and I get to play with it for a few minutes, you can have whatever you want. For free. As many times as you want. As long as you always bring the robot. Make sure everyone knows that.
4: I’d wear glasses if they did anything fun. Can you make that happen? 10% off any dessert.
5: Shoelaces are so hilariously old! Make something better, preferably something that makes a neat noise. 30% off family sized bento deal.
6: Free anything you want if you can fix the weird things that have been going on at my apartment.
7: Why doesn’t my bag do more things? Move out of the stone ages, bags! You should have moving parts, and play music, and have GPS or something. If you can help with that – free snack sized bento!

I’m going to add some more deals as I think of them. Also, I’ve got a very busy week coming up, so I may have a guest blogger a little later. Not sure if he’s going to be able to fill in, but I’ll let you know!
Until next time, keep looking to the future!


  1. Oooh... I have a good idea for number 5. Are you ready? Here it is... Zippers. Yes! I love zippers, they are all like, zippy, zippy!

  2. If I could afford the expense of traveling from Small Town America to Let's Happy Bento, I would bring my robots and take up that free food offer of yours, Yumi. That bento does look delious! ;)

    -Glory; Glory_On_High

  3. Zippers on shoes?!

    Wait let me think about this for a second.

    Zippers on boots are cool. Boots are like shoes, by the transitive property of fashion, shoes can have zippers!


  4. @Glory_On_High The offer stands as long as my stand is open!

  5. Ooh, is Rentaro going to enter Suki, your sister's pet cat into the Expo? Or is he entering his "super secret project" in it. And if he came to your stand with Suki would you give him free bento?

  6. Rentaro has a friends and family card. That means he pays double ^^

  7. Yumi that is so totally mean! Except to Rentaro. He needs to pay you back for all those times you had to find him after he falls asleep on the bus.

  8. I know!

    I'm teasing, friends and family always get whatever they want...but they've got to help. OR. ELSE.

    Also, I should mention that it doesn't matter if he's awake or asleep when he's on the bus. There is a 50% chance that he's not going to get out at the right stop.

  9. whos the guest blogger?