Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Another sleepless night and another rainy day, but that’s ok: Dessert exists!

It is so rainy that all of the plants look all droopy and depressed! Cheer up, plants!
 If there has ever been a reason for rain, it is that umbrella (Sorry farmers, you come second after that umbrella.) Maybe I should try making an umbrella. Is that a hard thing to do? It can’t be, right? I’m 95% sure that umbrellas were around before science, so I could probably figure out how to make one.
I’ve got some serious ideas about umbrellas. Get ready you lucky raindrops and taxi tidal waves!
Last night was another long night. My building manager still hasn’t been able to figure out what’s going on with the heat and flickery electricity. It was rough. At one point I was thinking about knocking on my neighbor’s door…but that would be just way too weird, right?
I made it through the night and woke up SERIOUSLY grumpy. Very seriously grumpy. I gave a baby, a dog, and an old lady dirty looks on my walk to stand. I made grumpy looking bento. I grumpily walked home from the stand and I decided that that was enough. Sleepy or not, I was going to have at least a little fun. So I decided it was time for another installment of
So I hit the streets, on the prowl for new dessert ideas, and that’s when I met this crazy business right here:
You are crazy, Delicious Thing That I’m pretty sure was a crepe.  Also you sorta look like a combination of Elvis, a panda, and a piece of pizza (this seems weird, note to self: Review this after I catch up on sleep o_O ) 
I loved it, but it’s not quite my style. So I hit the road, in search of the ultimate dessert.
Round 2, Fight!

You are Mount Fuji Cake!
Now, this is closer to what I’m thinking about! Simple, tasty, sure it’s not very cute – but it’s a mountain! Mountains have enough troubles without having to worry about being cute!
Look at how great it is! Powdered sugar snow, chocolate rocks! This is really close to what I want to do.
Now I just need to find a simple way to make a dessert that really says “Kyoto!” or at the very least “Yumi.”
Not sure what that is yet. Do you guys have any great ideas?


  1. Maybe dye the mountain bright pink? It would match your bow :)

    ~Fashion Dessert

  2. Pink frosting, maybe? Maybe if it was a volcano? With the frosting on the sides and everything? Are maybe you could have inspiring Yumi quotes on the dessert or on a card in a box with it?

  3. Muffin Disaster 498October 12, 2010 at 9:56 AM

    I'd love to have some of that Mount Fuji Cake! It's lunchtime where I'm posting this and boy am I starved! May be you should for your dessert create something based upon that cool ryokan your family owns? Made muffins this past weekend, they were a complete disaster!

  4. Yes! Pink frosting, now that is a reason to make desserts!

    @Muffin Disaster 498 - That's a really interesting idea. I wonder what I could base a dessert on? Also, I am sorry to hear about your muffin tragedy. But don't worry, we've all been there!

  5. How about chocolate chip cupcakes with pink icing and a Yumi fortune inside wrapped with tinfoil, like a fortune cookie!

  6. OMG Yumi! So I was at Japantown this summer in San Francisco, and there were these crepe bears with m&m ears and everything! They were soooo cute and they look just like the thing you posted! They were also very good, too, so I would definitely say go ahead and make those.

  7. Yumi dearest,
    I know for a fact that crapes are delicious! in fact, my mom was thinking of opening up her own crape shop! So i would defiently have some (except they are very french tradition)
    A person

  8. Yumi, how do you make those Mt. Fuji Cakes?
    * hoping for an easy to understand answer*

  9. "Yumi, how do you make those Mt. Fuji Cakes?
    * hoping for an easy to understand answer* "

    I don't know yet, I'm going to have to play around with a few ideas. I didn't bother asking because a lot of people guard their recipies very closely. Well the best trial and error is deliciuos trial and error.

  10. The Mt. Fuji Cakes are actually "Melon-pan" or melon bread in a mountain shape.
    Here's my guestimate on how they make it:

    1. Make bread dough in Mt.Fuji shapes.
    2. Make liquidy cookie dough mixed with melon syrup and pour it over the bread dough.
    3. Bake them in the oven, then sprinkle on cinamon powder and powdered sugar.
    4. Voila! Now I get to clean up the horrible mess I've made in the kitchen!!!

    Maybe you can make melon-pan, but in a different shape? I know I found turtle melon-bread somewhere...

  11. I vote for mochi! I LOVE mochi...

  12. @morimotoa Yes! I'm going to give it a shot!

    @anon, agreed! Mochi is the best ever!