Friday, October 8, 2010

Break Dance!

That’s it, I need a vacation. Did you know that opening a restaurant is hard? It is! And did you also know that people want to eat food every day? Good news, though! I had a super busy day yesterday. I made enough money to close down one day this weekend! So I’m going to take Sunday off!
Eww. That color is a little gross. Let’s try that again.
There we go. What should I do this Sunday?
“You could take us out to the park!”
Good idea, bikes!

“No! Come hang out with us noodles!”
You make a compelling argument, noodles.
Ok. I just put this here because it’s a-dor-able. Hi Lamb! You’re so cute that I want to build you a house!
“You could hang out with us fabrics!
Oh, yeah! I have been thinking about working on a new outfit.

“You should go food shopping!”
Yes. Yes I should.
“You should come downtown to watch me perform my one mug show: Mugged
Oh, mug. That’s not a real thing. But if it were, I so would!
What should I do with my day off?! Should I close the stand one day a week?!


  1. New outfit or build house for adorable lamb!

  2. Take your bike go for a ride to the noodle store, eat the noodles, then ride to the fabric store, look around perhaps buy something,then go to the supermarket buy some food, and then go home, make a pot of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate and drink it from your mug.

    That's what I would do!

  3. Now that sounds like some awesome right there!

  4. Hmm....
    You can sketch a new lamb-inspired outfit while you eat noodles and drink something from your mug. Then you could ride your bike to a fabric store.

  5. You should go ride your bike to a place where they have noodles than ride your bike to a fabric store then ride your bike to a food store then build a house for the lamb then make some outfits for the lamb then play with your mug and lamb and act like they are friends.

  6. Of course they'd be besties! I should have thought of that before. I think they're even made out of the same thing ^^

  7. You should definitely make a new outfit and then post a picture for us to see!!!

  8. O my gosh I have that same bike!!!!!! We should get together and go bike riding!!! Then we can put on a play with that mug and the lamb!!! And make costumes for them out of the fabric! YES!

  9. You should go for a ride in the park, take a back pack, then ride over to the grocery store, head home and create a new outfit and while your making that outfit the noodles will be heating up on the stove!

  10. U should ride ur bike to the food store, pick up some noodles, then ride eat noodles in ur mug then sew an out-fit for ur little lamb!