Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Food edition. I had so much fun making the fashion quiz that I decided it’s time to do a little food quiz!

Question 1
It’s breakfast! The most important meal of the day.
a)      I don’t know, actually making food seems too ambitious. I’ll just dunk a candy bar in some milk.
b)      Hmm, I should at least try to burn some toast.
c)       Right, a balanced breakfast, like on tv. I will cut up an orange and put it next to cereal.
d)      I should at least poach some eggs and blanch some asparagus and top that with hollandaise.
Question 2
Time for brunch!
a)      Time for brunch? Who has time for brunch? I’ve got THINGS to do.
b)      Brunch? Is that the thing where eggs pretend like they belong at lunch? No thanks.
c)       Yeah! Fruit, eggs, sandwichy-things, juice choices, I’m on it!
d)      Sure, I hope there’s heirloom tomato infused olive oil and artisan bread there!
Question 3
Raid my kitchen and you’ll find.
a)      Take out menus. And…oh gross! How long have those potatoes been there?
b)      Microwavable things in colorful wrappers. And cookies! And other cookies!
c)       Stale bread, soft avocados, a lot of ingredients I’ve been meaning to make into food but will eventually throw away.
d)      Unsalted butter, a small herb garden, shallots, garlic, ginger, vegetables – to name a few.
Question 4
When I come across some strange new food, I:
a)      Make one of my friends try it first.
b)      Refuse to eat it unless someone agrees to fry it first.
c)        Agree to take a tiny taste, it might be okay.
d)      Jump in with both feet! There’s nothing like discovering something new!
Question 5
My cooking style is best described as:
a)      I can assemble a sandwich if I absolutely have to.
b)      I know how to cut up an onion. I just have to give my eyes a break every few minutes.
c)       I’ve got the technique, I love food, my cookbooks have more dog ears than a…dog park.
d)      I invent new flavors. I make foams. I plan to one day split the flavor atom.
Question 6
My favorite restaurants are:
a)      The kinds where you get a prize with your meal.
b)      Something simple, where I can order by pointing at a picture.
c)       Unique, with interesting menus and good chefs.
d)      I keep track of the best chefs in the city and always keep an eye out for anything new and exciting!
Question 7
Some friends are coming over, time to:
a)      Tell them I won’t be cooking food now, or ever.
b)      Open a few bags of snacks and put them in bowls.
c)       Make some simple hors d'oeuvres.
d)      There’s that appetizer thing I’ve been meaning to make. And If I’m making that, I might as well make that spicy noodle thing I’ve been thinking about. Should I just go ahead and make dessert while I’m thinking about it? Yes. I should.

Give yourself ten points for each statement you can answer yes to:
I know how to cook an artichoke. (five points if you can describe what one looks like)
I’ve successfully baked bread/ cake.
I’ve read one or more books about food or cooking.
I have a favorite chef.

Alright, it’s time to add up your scores!
As = 2 points
Bs = 5 points
Cs = 10 points
Ds = 50 points
And now…the results!
If you got
1 – 13 points: You somehow got negative points!
14 – 34 points: Customer: You like food, but have got other things to do! You can’t be bothered to spend your day near the oven waiting for onions to caramelize, sauces to reduce, soufflés to…just sort of sit there and be spongy, you’re busy! Sure you eat food when you have to, but beyond that who cares?
35 – 69 points: Line Cook: As food knowledge goes, you’re doing pretty great. You know what you like, and when you put your mind to it you can work wonders in the kitchen. You’re adventurous, and you love to experience new foods, flavors, and cultures!
70 – 299 points: Sous Chef: The kitchen is your home away from home (that is also probably in your home.) When you try something good at a restaurant, you’re already imagining how to revisit it again at home. You’ve got at least one dish that everyone’s always begging you to make.
300 points or higher: Master Chef: You’re a wizard in the kitchen. You could make an orange taste like a banana if you wanted to, but you’re probably not going to do that. Your friends make a habit of “stopping by to say hello.” Around dinnertime just in case you’re making food.


  1. AWESOME QUIZ YUMI!!!!!!!! I got Line Cook :-)

  2. Thanks! I got Sous Chef (*ahem...thought I'd get Master Chef.)

  3. This quiz is so cool! And accurate I'd say. I got sous chef as well. :)

  4. i goy Sous chef :-)
    I LOVE making food, but I think you wold have to be a perfectionist to answer all questions by D :P

  5. I got Sous Chef, too.

  6. Ooooh, I am a Sous Chef! *feels very French*

  7. Je suis sous chef. Cela me rend heureux! :)

  8. Félicitations! Je suis un ananas! I don't know much useful French ^^

  9. I love these quizzes! You should do them more often!