Tuesday, September 28, 2010


That’s right! It’s another installment of:
This week’s quiz
Are You Fashion Forward or Dangerously Drab.
No cheating! (unless you feel like it ^^)
Question 1
Bzzz! Oh no! It’s my alarm clock, I’m running late. I :
a) Put on jeans and a t-shirt, the world won’t wait!
b) Look at the closet, coordinate and accessorize on the quick, the world won’t wait!
c) Give up on life and hide under the bed until I’m 30. The world can take a hike!
d) See nothing I like in the closet, so I whip out my sewing machine and get to work! I’ll get there eventually.
Question 2
It’s time for a formal event, it’s time for me to put on my :
a) That floor length dress I’ve had burning a hole in my closet for a while.
b) Oh no! Didn’t prepare! Something made out of…clothes will do!
c) How formal are we talking, should I break out my couture chainmail shirt?
d) Cardboard boxes that have been spray painted by that one artist with the haircut.
Question 3
It’s family portrait time, so I:
a) Put on the ugly sweater as a symbol of my love for my family unit.
b) Eh, whatever – no matter what I wear it won’t be worse than the portrait disaster of ’06.
c) Quickly assess the sweater disaster, try to accessorize your way out of fash-zaster .
d) Embrace the awkwardness with a full on ironic ensemble, complete with outsized glasses.
Question 4
It’s movie night with the friends, so I
a) Go to the movies! It doesn’t matter, it’s dark in there. I’ll wear whatever I want!
b) Well…I mean, it is kind of dark in there, but I’ll at least try.
c) Two words. Post movie chitchat (chitchat isn’t really a word). Better be prepared. Classic casual.
d) All out. Research the movie’s costume department and try to match their individual style.

Question 5
Oh no! Big spill, my favorite shirt is ruined! RUINED! Ruuuuuinnnned!
a) Eh. Maybe not, completely ruined. I can still wear it under a sweater or something.
b) It was a good shirt, I’ll still wear it around the house.
c) Toss it!
d) Hold a memorial service and send the note back to the designer with a heartfelt apology.
Question 6
It’s time for the biggest costume part of the season.
a) The costume parties are rated? By season?
b) Hmm, maybe I’ll go, as long as I don’t have to prepare.
c) I’m there – I’ve been working on my custom costume for months!
d) Please. Every day is the biggest costume party of the season for me.
Question 7
I’d describe my personal style as:
a) I dunno. I’m pretty good at wearing clothes.
b) Reasonable, I know how to look good when I want.
c) A force of nature.
d) The reason fashion designers get up in the morning.

OK! Time to tally. Give yourself some points!
As = 2 points
Bs = 5 points
Cs = 10 points
Ds = 50 points
And now…the results!
If you got
1 – 13 points: You should check your math again!
14 – 34 points: On the go! You don’t mess around. There are things to do! And they must be done! You don’t have time for fashion. Whether you’ve got a full social calendar, a difficult social studies midterm, or an agenda of social change to attend to, fashion takes a back seat to living life!
35 – 69 points: Solid Style! You know those socks don’t go with that sweater, but you say “who cares!” as you run out the door for another busy day…then you think – maybe I care? Then you decide, no not really, I really don’t care that much.
70 – 299 points: Runway Ready! You know from fabrics, and probably have a tape measure or two. You know what’s going to be big two years from now, but you don’t let fashion rule your life. The world is your oyster…of fashion! Your fashion oyster!
300 points or higher: Fashion Forwardest! Wow – you’re ahead of your time, so far ahead that people accuse you of time travelling and try to pester you for information about the future. You could make a bucket seem like the latest must-have, you could make socks and sandals the next IT trend. Be careful.

Alright! Hope you did well! Tell me what you think of the quiz!!! Do you guys make quizzes with your friends? We make tons of these! I’m working on one about food and another one about ghost hunting.


  1. I enjoyed this quiz a lot, Yumi! So fun to take! Yeah, I like doing quizzes with friends or sometimes I'l make one and quiz them with it! Good luck on those other two quizzes! I will definately try them!

  2. Nice quiz! I don't feel like doing math now. So I don't know how I scored.
    I just got a sewing machine and I am planning on making a dress inspired by your pink outfit, Yumi. I hate using patterns, so I'm a free butterfly with my sewing machine. But I stilll have to get used to learning how to use my sewing machine.
    *GASP* In the time it took to type this, someone commented before me! I WAS HERE READING THIS FIRST, ANONYMOUS. WE MEET AGAIN. lol jk

  3. I'm runway ready, woot! I mostly knit all of my stuff but I've recently got into sewing. Still learning the basics T_T. A ghost hunting quiz sounds awesome...

  4. @c Really! That's SUPER COOL! You'll have to tell me how it turns out! I do both too - I use patterns if I'm trying something new or difficult, but sometimes it's nice to just go crazy with it.

  5. I got Solid Style, too.

  6. I'm Runway Ready! :D Socks and sandals do seem to be the it trend in America, at least. It's still totally ridiculous to me!

  7. I'm a solid style I just do not have time always to pick the best outfit all the time. (My Grandmother was the same way)

  8. Awesome quiz! I got On the Go. Which is so true!

  9. I got Solid Style, which is funny, because I was anticipating getting Runway Ready. (Yes, I am a cheater!) Will you let us read your other quizzes?