Thursday, September 30, 2010


It’s Thursday, that means it’s time for another thrilling episode of
ANNOUNCER: The exciting game where contestants apologize for fabulous prizes – aaaaand now everyone’s favorite host Jon Hostington!
JON HOSTINGTON: Starting a new business is stressful, and when things are really rough it’s easy to get carried away and say things that you really don’t mean. This week’s guest knows that all too well. Put your hands together for this week’s contestant Yumi!
ME: Hi world!
JON HOSTINGTON: It says here you’ve had a tough week – and maybe you’ve said some things that you regret.
ME: That’s true.
JON HOSTINGTON: Well, haven’t we all. You know the rules – we’ll tell you what you should have said – and you get points for telling the world what you really said. Are you ready?
ME: As ready as I’ll ever be.
JON HOSTINGTON: Round one. What you should have said was “Thank you for calling me to say the delivery will be late.” For ten points, tell us what you really said.
ME: Do I have to?
JON HOSTINGTON: No, but I’ll remind you that it’s worth ten points, and there is a prize at the end.
ME: Okay – here goes. I believe I said “Late?! LATE?! Your stupid face is late!”
JON HOSTINGTON: That’s…correct! Ten points – also, that’s a pretty terrible thing to say.
ME: I know. I know, I’m super sorry supplier guy, I don’t really think your face is stupid. I was just worried that if I didn’t get the ingredients in time I wouldn’t be able to have food for my customers in time for lunch. It wasn’t nice, at all.
JON HOSTINGTON: That sounded pretty sincere, hope you heard that, supplier guy. Round two. What you should have said was “Thank you for your opinion.”
ME: Right. Oh, the woman who told me that the bento place across the street was better. This one’s bad…here goes. I said “I couldn’t take someone wearing that outfit seriously if I tried.”
JON HOSTINGTON: Wow, that is really mean!
ME: I know…but she hurt my feelings – but still, it wasn’t right. Your outfit was fine, I’m sorry I was mean about it.
JON HOSTINGTON: I’m sure she’ll be happy to hear that. Now. Final round. This is the toughest round, are you ready? If you get this correct, you take home the prize!
ME: I guess so.
JON HOSTINGTON: What you should have said was “Miwako! It’s great to hear from you! How are you?”
ME: Oh. This is going to sound bad to the audience, I don’t know if I should…
JON HOSTINGTON: I’ll remind you that the grand prize is on the line.
ME: Ok. What I said was. “Whatever it is you’re going to say, why don’t you just shut up! I don’t have time for your or your whiny problems right now.”
JON HOSTINGTON: Wow…that’s a really terrible thing to say.
ME: I know. I know. She just makes me crazy some days! I wish it wasn’t true, but it is. It wasn’t very nice to say.
JON HOSTINGTON: Well that’s good enough. Congratulations, you win the prize!
ME: Hooray! What is the prize?
JON HOSTINGTON: The greatest prize of all, self respect.
ME: That is a stupid prize.
JON HOSTINGTON: And it looks like we’ll probably be seeing you back here next week too! Thanks for playing along at home!

Tl;dr It’s been a long week. I’ve said some things I didn’t mean. I’m sorry everyone. (_ _)


  1. Great game, Yumi!!! :) I know I say a lot of things I regret too... by the way, what did your sister want, did she ever tell you why she called? If you didn't find out, you might want to find out, while apologizing over the phone or in person?
    Great game! Love your blog!

  2. There are lots of things we say to loved ones we don't mean to say. But saying you are sorry is always the way to go. May be you could bake your sister some cupcakes to make up for what you said I'm sure she will like that, I would.

  3. Cupcakes are a good idea. She's so good at being annoying, though! It's like she has this special way of knowing when the worst possible time is to call! (>_<)

  4. I know what you mean. I have a younger brother and some how he knows exactly how to get on my nerves. I still love him and all, but there are still times when he just drives me up the wall! We all have moments that just after we say something or do something we instantly regret it. By the way if someone said something about my Bento Stand not being as good as someone elses I'd be pretty ticked to.

  5. Yumi, your bento stand is in Kyoto right?
    Why don't you try offering bubuzuke(kind of like soup rice) next time?
    I heard that it's like a secret code in Kyoto for:
    It's very polite, and people will leave you alone, so maybe you can use it when you're tempted to say mean things again. (^.^)

  6. Ummm...I feel awful for saying this but I thought your responses were pretty hilarious. And you had very sincere apologies, so don't feel too bad anymore! Plus I'm sure I would have cracked at some of these people too

  7. @morimotoa That's a great idea! Thank you!

  8. Don't be mean to Miwako she's your sister.

  9. Well at least you've got you're self-respect back!:)