Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Building the Stand!

Yeah I’ve been busy! I was hoping to have the stand out of test runs and fully functional by this last Monday, but there are a lot of kinks to work out with delivery timings and the like.  So it looks like the Super Officialy Grand Opening is a little while off, turns out that opening up a bento stand is a lot of work…I’m not surprised about the work part – but I am surprised about how many decisions I’ve had to make. Here are just a few:

Would that guy be a good spokesperson? Also, what is he (or she?) An alien? A monster? A green…thing?

Should I think of the design on my mug as a bear or a mouse? (Okay, this is less relevant to the stand, but, still, I should come to a decision about it.)

Should I have my sign printed, or make it myself? Should I make a huge menu out of giant letters? Should I even have a menu at all? What if I just change what I have every day? Would people like the surprises? What if they don’t?
Are you sure he shouldn’t be the spokeperson? Look at that face! Also is spokesperson correct? Spokesmonster? Spokescreature?
How adorable should my cooking gear be? Is this too cute?      
Oh no! I found another cute thing! Can they be co-spokespeople? Spokesbuddies? Will they be able to share the responsibility? Will the stress eventually destroy their friendship? (I hope not…I mean, look at the two of them!)

Sould I serve cupcakes too? Is that crazy?
Exhausting! So many choices to make. I don’t want to make another decision for the next 24 hours. In fact I refuse to make a decision! I’ve decided to let the decision center of my brain recover! I will spend the next day just doing whatever signs, people, or advertisements tell me to to. (I’m guessing my day will be spent stopping, yielding, not parking places, and buying sugary cereals, but you know what – I can handle that.) In fact, I’m going to just outsource my decisions for the day. I’ll just do whatever the world wants and report on the outcome. (hopefully the world demands reasonable, and not crazy things!)


  1. I think you should make the sign for your stand yourself!! You seem really creative, and who knows more of what you want on a sign than you do yourself?! I also think it would add more of your personality to your store, since it is your store!

    You should have some sort of dessert, who doesn't like dessert!? :)

    Hope I at least somewhat helped the decision making part of your brain to relax by giving you a suggestion!

  2. Yumi,
    I love your bento stand! I think you should use big letters for your outside sign, otherwise people won't see it and they'll be like, "Oh no! Where will I go? I don't see a bento stand anywhere!"[;_']
    I also love your creatures. They are cute. We should think of a name for them. :)

  3. I agree! we should give them names. Right now I'm thinking of Benito and Chomps! Maybe I should think about it some more. Any good ideas?

    I should have dessert - time to get out the ol' baking books and fire up the kitchen!

  4. You've got to have dessert, dessert is the most important part of the meal. And you should use the adorable cooking gear.

  5. You should have mochi ice cream as your dessert!! It's too yummy for people walking by to pass up!

  6. They should totlally be spokesbuddies!!!!!!! And definet yes to the cooking gear, the cupcakes and the giant letter menu! I also think you should keep a couple things the same every day but change the rest. And you should totally make the sign yourself, So Cool!!!!!

  7. I think:
    The green-monster-alien-creature would def. be a good spokes...creature ;) id go with a he (Benito? and his co-spokes-creature (yes, do both, double the cuteness ;)) could be Chomps?)
    For your mug, I'd go with bear, because its ears are too small to be a mouse's :) tough call though.
    For your menu, make the name big (and by yourself). I'd personally like a menu better, because then I could order my favorite every day (if it's the same one) :D You could have like a weekly special or something though. I'd make the menu smaller, because it might be to big if you make it the same size as the name ;)
    I think the heart-shaped cooking gear might be a bit much, but I love the plaid<3
    I personally love cupcakes, especially chocolate frosted ;D but id only do them if you feel like you could handle making them along with the bentos :) I love your blog, HIH<3

  8. Aaah, now I'm stressed out too >_< But --

    I say yes to two spokesmonsters, yes to making the sign yourself, yes to big letters and a menu AND to changing the menu often :D That cooking gear is not adorable enough! That's a mousebear you have there! And I'm not a cupcake fan, how about cream puffs??

  9. I think you should have both spokes creatures,(maybe pictures of them on the menus you make?), and you should give them names, possibly Benny and Belle from Bentopolis!!! They are for sure monsters, and one should be a boy and one a girl. Also, your Bento stand should have a concrete menu for those daily folks that order the same thing every day, but also a forever-changing new item each day, for those more adventurous customers. I think you should have a big, eye-catching, crafty sign made by you, but I think the pink heart cookware is a little overwhelming. And, to relieve you of the burden of deciding what animal is on your mug, it looks more bear-like because of the small ears.

  10. @Nicole - you're right, specials might be the way to go. I don't know how many ingredients I can afford to keep stocked, but it's way fewer than I had thought T_T

    @Curious Kitty - cream puffs. That is the best idea! I've never made those before, I'm going challenge my oven to the ultimate test of bakery!

  11. "possibly Benny and Belle from Bentopolis!!!" ^_^ For Real!

  12. Hmm...Benito. Now all he needs is a Mexican wrestling mask.

    And there is no such thing as cooking gear that is "too cute" me on that one, I have a kitchen full of it. My mantra: love your cooking tools, and they will love you back...

    In honor of Japan's fascinating assortment of non-Western dessert flavors (oh, like the wasabi, soy sauce, or pickled plum Japanese Kit Kats), please have red bean ice cream!

  13. I love the Spokesmonster!
    And you should totally make the sign yourself. If you can design your own clothes, you could make an awesome sign for your bento stand.

  14. your ideas all rock i think you should have a big sign for the name and your creatures are so adorable i love the names