Monday, September 27, 2010

Grandmother Powers are Terrible and Strong!

I’m not even kidding. Do they understand how powerful they are? They must know, right? (If they don’t know – NOBODY TELL THEM!) I don’t even know why countries even bother having armies – they should just send about twenty of their most grandmotherly grandmothers to trouble areas whenever they want something done – and just have all of the grandmothers give everyone that *look*
You know which one I’m talking out.
That “I’m so very disappointed and old-lady furious” look that drops the temperature in the world by about twenty degrees, and makes all of the pets and children in a ten mile radius feel sad. It also melts all nearby ice cream cones (despite generally lowering the temperature). Crazy, for sure, but that’s just how angry grandmothers roll. I don’t make the rules.
Thankfully most grandmothers have only faint ideas about how the internet works. (In fact that may be one of the two most useful uses of the internet: Email and safely venting about grandmothers. Also - Miwako if you say ONE word about this to our grandmother, I’ll tell her what REALLY happened to that guest tea set she liked so much. I am mega-serious.)
I guess I should tell you what happened this weekend.
I made the mistake of going to the ryokan. I was really excited about my stand opening, I was going to drop off some coupons for free bento boxes to anyone who stayed at the ryokan. Pretty thoughtful, right?
No. Apparently it was not thoughtful. Apparently it was like a war crime of some sort in the eyes of my grandmother.
She told me that it was time that I stop “playing pretend” with my business and grow up. I tried to tell her how well everything was going, but she didn’t care. She didn’t even want to come see it when it opens.
 I hope she changes her mind. She’s the one who taught me how to cook – I thought she’d be excited to see my place. Whatever. (;_・)
I was a little down, so I went to go cheer myself up by doing a little supply shopping.

Nothing cheers me up like looking for inspiration for new menu items! I haven’t come up with any great new dishes yet, but maybe it’s time to start thinking dessert! I mean, look how happy that bear looks!
Also – I got something you guys might be excited about. Some ingredients for a bento tutorial to take place this week! \(^ ^)/
That’s it for today! Oh – and also, I still have some unanswered questions from last week’s post that’ll I’ll be answering today. So check in with that post too if you want!


  1. ooo, are those chu chu's? Yummmmmmmm!!!

  2. I know right! Hmm, now I want a snack ^^ What should I get?

  3. The decision has been made: Noodles from that place down the block!

  4. Yummm noodles! Darn it now I'm hungry!! :P

  5. Lawl, On my way home to School, I went to the Nearby Bakery, They have this Cute Sushi-Bread. It's A bread rolled together with veggies,floss (Chicken,Fish etc..) And a sausage! You can choose the floss but you must look closely, Well, I can't tell the different between the floss so i randomly took one of them... and bought eet! ITS SOOO NICE!! oh and it's wraped with seaweeds too!! FANTASTIC , That was my snack ;3

  6. Aww, I'm sorry for your grandmotherly troubles. :( Maybe she'll come around when your bento stand's a big success! Meanwhile, yay for snacks!!!!

  7. @ Curious Kitty - she'd better! I agree though, about the yay for snacks ^_^

    @Stanley Nearby Bakery is a great name for a bakery!Food choices can be stressful, especially when everything looks so good!

  8. Hi Yumi,
    For bento do you prefer sweet bento or savory bento?

    Also, maybe Grandmother will change mind when she tries some of your delicious yummy food (^_^)

  9. @Yomi Savory all the way! (okay, sweet is pretty good too!) I'm indecisive! :D

  10. What happened to the tea set im just curious what did Miwako do to the tea set?